What is Bingo and How to Play Bingo on Facebook

What is Bingo and How to Play Bingo on Facebook

What is Bingo and How to Play Bingo on Facebook

What is Bingo and How to Play Bingo on Facebook

What is Bingo and How to Play Bingo on Facebook, Bingo on Facebook is one of the fun things that can be enjoyed on the social media Facebook. Just like the Bingo games played in the online casino and other entertainment centers, it has some rules to play by the players, but you should play it online through your Facebook ID. There are many kinds of Bingo games available on Facebook. You can choose one from the most favorite provider to be added on your Facebook profile. Bingo games on this online gambling casino sites are mostly free and providing kinds of virtual prizes. Recently, new changes are made including the actual payment from players to play games so they can get real prizes in cashes when they win the games.

Some Tips and Tricks to Play Bingo on Facebook

What is Bingo and How to Play Bingo on Facebook, For those who are beginners on bingo playing on Facebook, some tips and trick below may make you enjoy to play more;

  1. The very first step is certainly choosing one of the apps where you will have fun playing Bingo on Facebook. Then register by using your Facebook account or make another one that is specially made for gaming.
  2. Start playing the game when you have been the registered player.
  3. The fan page owner (commonly called hostess) will ask every player through a post to choose the numbers or letters they like.

–       Each play will have some guidelines about what numbers and how many to pick by the fans. For example, 1-50, 1-100, etc.

–       Most Bingo games demand the players to choose 5 numbers; any numbers from 1-50.

  1. Write the numbers you choose in the comment box under the post, for example: 2, 15, 27, 34, 42, 50.
  2. On the next post, the hostess will write to call the Bingo numbers; commonly 3 in one time. Note that you may not write on the comment box except you get BINGO.
  3. Write on the comment box quickly when you get BINGO, because the first player who write BINGO on the comment box and have the valid numbers who will win the game.
  4. When you need to ask a question, write the question on the wall; do not on the updated status.

The Free and Paid Bingo on Facebook

There are many Bingo Games that are available on Facebook, the best ones are:

–       Bingo Island: this application has nearly 500,000 users that actively play every day. It also getsmore than 10,000 reviews. Most players said it is the best and most fun Bingo on Facebook.

–       Bingo Blitz: it has more than 666,000 active players and gets 40,000 reviews.

Furthermore, there are many more apps on Facebook where you can play Bingo games for free.

On the other hand, you also can play Bingo games with real cash as the prizes. The first Bingo apps on Facebook that provides real cash as the prize is Bingo Friendzy. The app was launched in 2012 and then followed by other paid Facebook game apps. The real cash prized Bingo is exactly the same like on the Bingo sites. However, this games cannot be played via mobile phone.

Bingo Tournaments on Facebook

Most apps of Bingo games provide Bingo tournaments for the players in all over the world. Unlike in casinos that demand the players to pay lump sum of money as deposit, the tournaments are mostly free or just worth in a few dollars only. However, the players can have thousands of coins to play the online Bingo through Facebook.

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