Maganic Warriors Card Game on Facebook

Maganic Warriors Card Game on Facebook

Maganic Warriors Card Game on Facebook

Maganic Warriors Card Game on Facebook

Maganic Warriors Card Game on Facebook is a collectible card game in turn-based combat type. Each player should lead their Hero to win the fight against other characters in the fantasy world of Ninjas, Dwarfs, Knights, Pirates, Bandits, and many more. Using the cards collection, the play can outwit, out play and outsmart the opponent. The player has some choices in the game to heal, attack, or buff, so they can win the game. In order to win the game, each player should know what and when to do something so they can win the Maganic Warrior card game.

How to Play Maganic Warriors Card Game on Facebook

Each Hero in Maganic Warriors has health and mana bars. One player will lose when the Hero’s health goes to zero. So you should make the opponent’s health to zero to win the game before the opponent makes your Hero’s helath to zero. Meanwhile, mana is the resource that allows the players to use the cards. Mana will cost higher as the greater of the card power. When a hero have a great health, the mana will increase too.

It is important to choose a right card in the right time. Every card is simply designed and has keyword that tells the card’s effect when it is used. When you have gold or gems, you can buy a new card to use in the play. As you add the power, the attack to your hero will be increasing too. During the fight, you can collect the stones that will increase the hero’s power too.

Is theMaganic Warriors Available?

As described before, players can buy cards from the stones collected during the fights. When you have collected gold stones, you can buy new cards. However, the more powerful cards should be bought with gems. So you should play best to collect the stones completely. When you have collected all stones, you can buy all other cards in the greater power.

The premium virtual currency; gems, needs more challenging games playing. You should master all tricks when play the heroes in the game. Master the strategy to fight the opponents so you will not lose and get zero health. Besides, you will have to purchasing options when you are going to buy the cards. First, the cards that can be used in all heroes; it will become the more expensive options. Secondly, the cards that only can be used for current hero.

The Tournaments in Maganic Warriors

To play the game in tournaments, you can use the feature of multiplayer mode. This feature is increasingly populous day by day. The gameplaywill be played in this mode, unless you play against the realpeople that plays in their own decks. The real people player will be less predictable and cruel in the game play. You can win more rewards like Gems by ranking up this mode, so you should try it and get the advantage by playing against a real player. To play this game on Facebook and challenge a friend in your friend list, you need to wait a little time because this feature is still in ‘coming soon’ status.

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