Patti Games on Facebook

Patti Games on Facebook

Patti Games on Facebook

Patti Games on Facebook

Patti Games on Facebook is another kind of card game available on Facebook. It is a well-known Indian gambling card game like the popular poker game.Patti is commonly played by 3-6 players and it uses 52 cards minus jokers. Every player will be dealt 3 faced down cards. Before the dealt of the cards, the players should decide the amount of the boot, which are collected from every player. The minimum stake amount is gotten from the boot amount in the pot, and the money is placed on the table’s center. The money will continually grow as the progressive of the game, and it will be won by the hand winner. A player that remains until the completion of the game hand, having the best or highest hand will be the winner.

The Rules of Patti Games on Facebook

There are some rankings that can be made from the cards in Patti game. The high to low rankings are such as;

–       Trail or set (three cards in the same rank); it is when a player can make three cards in the same numbers. For example; three A, K or even three 2.

–       Pure sequence; it can be made in the card combinations such as A,K,Q; A,2,3; K,Q,J; and 4,3,2 in the same color.

–       Sequence; three cards combinations like in the pure sequence but in different colors.

–       Color; three cards combination such as A,K,J; A,K,10; and 5,3,2 in the same color.

–       Pair (two cards in the same rank); there are two cards in the same rank in the three cards combination, such as; A,A,K; A,A,Q; and 2,2,3.

–       High card; the combination of three cards such as A,K,J; A,K,10; and 5,3,2 in different colors.

The Differences of Free and Paid Patti Games

The Patti games on Facebook demand you to agree the Terms of Service before playing the games. As the grant, the provider will give limited, revocable and non-exclusive license to use the services. However, you cannot transfer the license and use it commercially. You will Patti on Facebook to win chips; it is virtual money or currency. The chips don’t have any value in real money or the equivalent. Meanwhile, for those who want to play Patti with real money betting, they can access the websites that provide the game in real money. However, every player should make sure that the online gambling is legal in their country. Because when it is restricted, you can’t pay the betted money electronically.

The Tournaments of Patti on Facebook

Patti games are available in some options on Facebook. They are provided by kinds of providers, so each of the providers may give different terms of service. If you have registered to the social media games, you will have the chances to win the games and the chips. The providers provide tournament every day; which can be enjoyed by players anytime. Some Patti games provider also provide the tournaments of each player in different place or even different countries in the world. Therefore, you can enjoy to play the games on Facebook anytime, have fun and win.

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