How to Play Baccarat on Facebook

How to Play Baccarat on Facebook

How to Play Baccarat on Facebook

How to Play Baccarat on Facebook

How to Play Baccarat on Facebook, Baccarat online is a card game that is commonly played on casinos or in some gambling online casino; it is a game of chance in the middle of the player and the banker. This game doesn’t need skill or strategy to play. The moves of every player are determined by the dealt cards of the players. In general, Baccarat is a card game that comparing the cards in the hands of banker and also the banker. In each play of the card game, there are three outcomes that possibly come out such as player, banker and tie. The player is the one that has higher score.

The Tips and Tricks on how to Play Baccarat on Facebook

–       The basic of the game is getting as close to the ‘nine’ amounts of the card as possible, because the hand totals that are closest to 9 will be the winner.

–       The 2-9 cards are called face value, meanwhile the cards 10, J, K, Q do not have value or 0, and 1 has the value of ‘ace’.

For example; if the player hands got Q (queen) card and 7 (seven) card, whilst the banker hands got 4 (four) and 2 (two) cards, then the player will be the winner. It is because the Q card = 0 and then the cards of the players are counted to be 7. Meanwhile the banker’s cards are 4+2 = 6. The player got the closest point to 9 so the player wins this round.

–       When the players win, they will get doubled money. For example, if a player hand pays $200 and then he/ she will win $200.

–       Meanwhile, the banker hand will pay 95% because the 5% of the money will be taken as a commission for the casino.

–       When the players get 9 and 7 cards, then it will be counted as 6, because the amount of the cards is 16, then it is only counted to 6. If the banker hands 8 and 8, then the amount will be counted as 6 too. Then the same amount will be called as TIE. The TIE will pay 8 to 1.

The Difference of Free and Paid Baccarat

Most Baccarat games on Facebook are provided to be played for fun, they are free and provide prizes virtually. You can register to the game with your Facebook profile and then play as much as you like. Most players on Facebook collect the as many as possible the virtual prizes won at the Facebook baccarat. When they have too many prizes, they commonly have some tricks to sell the virtual prizes to other players so they get the real money. Meanwhile, for those who want to enjoy baccarat in real cash prizes, you can play on many online game websites. Yet, make sure that such games are allowed in your country’s law.

Baccarat Tournaments on Facebook

Many apps of Baccarat are provided by online game owners on Facebook. Most of them always provide the apps every day on the social media. In some special events, the provider holds tournaments that can be joined by most players from all over the world. You can join the tournaments if you think that you are good enough to play and win the game.

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