How to Play Royal Flush Solitaire

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How to Play Royal Flush Solitaire

How to Play Royal Flush Solitaire

How to Play Royal Flush Solitaire, If you are looking for a solitaire game you can play some times on your computer or mobile devices, Royal Flush Solitaire should be one on your list of game download. This game is a unique game where it combines the some elements of poker games and solitaire games so that you can play it quietly in your own free time. The developer of this game creates a unique game play of two of the most well known card games in existence. Read below for the overview of the game.

How to Play Royal Flush Solitaire

  1. Game Overview

As we have mentioned before, this game combines elements of poker and solitaire games, so players have to at least know the basic rules of these two games, especially solitaire games. Players have to clear of the table of cards by making different card combinations that are often used in poker games such as the royal flush, full house, pairs, three of a kind, four of a kind, and other card combinations. There are also some elements of the game that give different challenges to the players so that they are required to use different strategies when they are playing the games on different level. The games also provides certain tools that can be collected and used along the way so that players will have a greater chance to win the games as well as winning the challenges.

  1. Game Rules and Goals

The rules of the game is very much the same with any solitaire game where players are required to arrange the cards in certain combinations to clear up the board. What make this game different from other solitaire card game are the challenges put in layers on each level of the game. The challenges vary such as making friends or making acquaintances with the police and FBI so that the players will not be given certain penalties and additional obstacles to win the game. In order to overcome these challenges, there are several powerful tools that can be used by players such as hidden cards that player can use in order to cheat the bank, x-ray glasses for players to use so that they can see the cards upside down to know what they should do next, a gunshot that players can use to keep out unwanted cards from the board, and many other useful tools.

  1. Game Information

The Royal Flush Solitaire was released back in November 2014 and is available for mobile devices as well as to be played on your web browsers. The game was created by So What! software, a well known indie game company that has been operating since 2001. You can connect with your friends on Facebook and other social media so that you will have a greater experience when playing this game. The download for this game is free either on Google Play, App Store, or in Amazon. However, you might need to buy some items from the in game store so that you will have an easier time winning this game and gaining game money.

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