What are the best strategies for betting on soccer

What are the best strategies for betting on soccer

Soccer’s popularity in Europe slowly spread across the whole world. When it comes to Asian soil, the sports itself has made enough noise to cause hype in many soccer related industries. One of the industries influenced was the online betting industry. Due to the growing popularity of the online soccer betting game, many people are getting more encouraged to play even without enough background on how the game really goes. This article will provide the best strategies for sportsbetting on soccer and guidelines to achieve the best strategies that you can apply when betting on soccer games.

What are the best strategies for betting on soccer

Take the Double Chance Bet

This bet is made when you would like to be in a more secured position not to lose. This is actually betting on the two out of three possible outcomes:

  • Home Team and a Draw – you get a win if the Home Team wins or gets a draw
  • Away Team and a Draw – you get a win if the visiting team wins or gets a draw

This style of betting increases your chance of “not losing” instead of actually winning. The odds are relatively lower on this betting method but this gives you a better guarantee of not going home broke.

What are the best strategies for betting on soccer
What are the best strategies for betting on soccer

One good example of a scenario where this betting method applies best is when the tournament advancement of the teams depend on the accumulated scores they gained from the previous games. There is a very high chance that the teams will go a draw rather than losing because the teams do not really go for the “win” but scoring the most in the whole elimination round.

Another situation where you can use this betting method is when the team’s main goal scorer is out for the game. Most of the time, soccer teams only have one superstar player that scores so if that one person is out for the game, there is a high chance that scoring will be null, resulting in a draw.

Research on a Team’s Scoring Capability

Betting is not simply relying on your gut feeling whom to choose to win. It needs proper background knowledge. You must look for teams who are known to score big in every match up. This way, you can limit the result into either a win or a loss only. Although betting sports will lower the odds on a more favorable team, this still assures you a more predictable result.

Study the Team’s Home and Away Records

This is basically statistics. Teams with a good Home record will most likely win in their home court and teams with a good road record will have a higher chance of winning outside their home court. Team characteristics vary. Some teams feel more pressure with their home crowd around and some feel comfortable playing in their home. Normally, defensive teams perform well in the road because of the offensive nature that opponents show when they are at home.

Betting on Draw

Contrary to the common process of sports gambling on either the winner or loser, betting for a draw would make some sense in soccer. Soccer has a nature of ending up in a draw in many cases. In order to properly execute the right bet timing, try to search for a match up where both teams are known to have a good defensive play and chances are they will end up in a draw.

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